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molecana's Journal

Gina Rosenberg-Reece
This is a RP journal for marvel_nextgen. Nothing here is for real.

Description: 6'5" (just like Mom), 250 lbs, muscular build. Long black hair, green eyes. 25 years old.

Abilities: Gina can change her body into any form of matter or energy she wishes. When in an energy form, she can fire blasts of the same energy (electricity, plasma, etc.), she can also do this in certain other forms, like bolts of ice or snow when in ice form, or bolts of fire/lava when in a volcanic form similar to her mother's. When she shifts into a dense, solid form of matter (like metal or rock) she gains super-strength. (Even when in human form Gina is strong - she's naturally muscular and athletic.)

Weaknesses and flaws: Gina takes on all the properties of whatever substance she shifts into, including any down sides, like melting. It's easy to get her angry, and she's very sensitive about her size. Gina is not the sharpest crayon in the Happy Meal.

Character location/Home: Currently New York City, recently Los Angeles.

Alignment: Villain, but more mercenary/thug than criminal mastermind.

Relatives: Parents: Marsha Rosenberg (Volcana) and Owen Reece (Molecule Man)

Backstory: Raised mostly by her mother in Brooklyn, in her late teens Gina took off for California to pursue a career in modeling. That didn't work out so well, because while height may be an advantage in the fashion industry, too much height is not. She found work as a stuntwoman and sometime female wrestler, however she had an unfortunate tendency to really hurt her opponents, and there's a limited amount of demand for a giant female stunt double. Disheartened, she returned to New York and decided to follow in her parents' footsteps. Gina is not a "super" villain by any means, she does have a conscience, it's just flexible.